Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do the Dodgers really love semi-stars who don't hit well and are in their thirties?

Apparently the answer is, "If the player is underrated in general, then no, they don't."
La Velle and I have spoken to different Dodgers people who say they have no interest in Adam Everett. At least not in a trade. Team had a meeting this month to discuss shortstop options, and listed Cristian Guzman (before he signed his latest deal), Jack Wilson and Ronny Cedeno. Everett’s name didn’t come up.

Rosenthal offers:
The Dodgers' addition of third baseman Casey Blake reduced their need for offense at shortstop. Nomar Garciaparra could be headed to the disabled list with a sprained ligament in his left knee, but Angel Berroa offers solid defense, if not much offense.

The team, sources say, does not have interest in the Twins' Adam Everett, another light-hitting shortstop who is nearing the end of a rehabilitation assignment, and has all but ended its pursuit of the Pirates' Jack Wilson.
So, does this seriously mean they don't think Adam Everett is not way better than Angel Berroa? The two are about equally bad as hitters (relative to major league shortstops, they are a little better than Juan Pierre is relative to major league left fielders), whereas Berroa is easily one of the worst defensive SS in the game (grow up, Ken) and Everett has probably been the best fielder in baseball this decade. Everett is, in my mind, a clear 2-3 win improvement over Berroa over the course of a full season. Why the Dodgers would be willing to part with Meloan and Santana for the minuscule and possibly negative differential between Andy LaRoche and Casey Blake and not be willing to part with whatever C+ arm the Twins would want for Everett should be a complete mystery. Sadly, I think two stats probably answer that question:

Berroa: 0 GG, 1 ROY
Everett: 0 GG, 0 ROY

Adam Everett has everything the Dodgers love except the fame.


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