Monday, July 28, 2008

Someone else has probably pointed this out by now

Mr. Colletti's oft-repeated rationale for the Meloan trade is that in return he has received a "gamer" in Casey Blake. I will concede that this is a fair point on some level, as Blake was a bad player until he was 29 and has been a consistently good hitter since then, and that sort of sticktoitiveness is of non-zero value. However, I am registering some mild disturbance in seeing that the GM of the Dodgers, in making a win-right-this-very-instant deal (in theory, if not in practice), has co-opted the euphemistic marketing strategy of his former employer and now chief rival San Francisco Giants. With a team that collectively wasn't capable of great success, the Giants chose to valorize their best players* as Gamers in a series of ads that seemed to concede that the team's talents were unremarkable when compared to the other major league clubs. There is much more room for comment here, but I'd rather not dwell on any of it.

*Caution: this sentence may refer to Omar Vizquel.

I really wish that we could have some challenge trade where all the SF/LA veterans end up on one team and all the SF/LA pre-arb players end up on the other; I'm pretty sure we all know which team would be better, and I think even Torre would know it.


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