Friday, July 11, 2008


Look, I'm not going to try to weigh in on almost anything about Bonds. The headache is not worth it. Which is exactly why I'm sympathetic to GM's deciding that it's not worth it to sign Bonds.

However, I have no sympathy for those who lie about it or those who just state that they are not interested. That is some weak s***. I will respect any GM who says, "Signing Barry Bonds at the minimum would absolutely help our team win games, even with his defense as bad as it is. However, we are simply not willing to work with Mr. Bonds; we have our reasons, and we are not willing to comment on them."

Hey, I understand not wanting to work with someone. I would never work with JP Ricciardi if I had my choice, so it's hard to criticize his refusal to work out a deal with Bonds. (Of course, I would much rather work with Shawn Chacon than his a****** boss Ed Wade, so take that for what you will.) Which is precisely why Mr. Ricciardi needs to openly admit that Bonds would make his team better, and take responsibility for not being a strong enough GM to either a) deal with the fallout of getting Bonds or b) assemble a roster where making hard decisions like not signing Bonds won't have much impact since the team is good enough already. I mean, it is obvious that Ricciardi would be horrible at dealing with the fallout of signing Bonds. I hope Toronto fans are as dunn with any hope for Ricciardi to grow as I am.


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