Sunday, July 06, 2008

Does Josh Hamilton thank the Lord that he's White?

Because an African-American player with his same story would never a) get 3.7mm All-Star votes or b) get a ten-minute showcase for his religion on national TV.

I'm not trying to criticize Hamilton here. But Orlando Hudson is right. It's not as if Hamilton is any more deserving of a vote than Milton Bradley (also on the OF ballot). I don't know, if I were doing a ten-minute interview with a player who answers questions by rote, I would want to get him to comment on why he was chosen over a better-qualified teammate, but that's me.

UPDATE: Tito comes through and names Bradley the starter at DH with Ortiz out. Hurray.


At 2:48 PM, Blogger Chad said...

Why is it when anyone black or white does something right or wrong the race issue always comes up. If you look at this as a whole, white people wouldn't be stupid enough to make a commment like this, but if they did it would draw so much attention and criticism from the black community. However, I'm sure a black person made this comment and you think you are entitled to make a stupid comment like this one. If this was a white person you are just trying to get attention and probably trying to get accepted from one of your black friends. I'm sure most people athlete or not have a story, not saying all has a story good or bad, we as a nation only are interested in diversity. Diversity is what drives our country and its citizens that battle these similar addictions and problems everyday to have hope. If you lose hope you have nothing. So good luck to all players white, black, hispanic whatever nationality you all have an opportunity to give the world hope, use your talents and words wisely and as Josh Hamilton is doing thank God Everyday, and Keep Your Faith!!! GET A LIFE!!!


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