Thursday, August 14, 2008

Open Thread/Further events

My examination of the "Remains of the Season" for the Los Angeles Dodgers is up over at the Hardball Times. Since it was filed on Tuesday morning, several things have happened that would change the piece a bit were it written now; the intro was updated by the editors but not the body (besides them splitting up my absurdly long paragraphs).

-Jones to the DL, Garciaparra off of it
-Penny got lit up, although by a good offense
-Falkenborg was claimed by San Diego

If you want to leave some comments on it feel free to do so here or at Ballhype.

UPDATE: In case anyone wondered what I meant, I have Dunn being worth about 1-1.2 wins better than a Romero/Burke platoon in RF for the D'Backs over the rest of the regular season - that is what I meant by "that much." (Dunn improving the D'Backs in October doesn't figure to impact LA.)


At 9:54 AM, Blogger Paul said...

My only comment would be to repeat a question I asked before. You commented again that "It is even harder to argue that the Dodgers’ chances are not primarily the result of the excellence of the organization’s amateur scouting since Logan White took over in 2001..."

Why do you attribute this success to "*the excellence* of the organization’s amateur scouting since Logan White took over in 2001"?

Is there any real evidence that, relative to the rest of the league, the Dodgers under White have been enough above average to be called "excellent"? This still seems to me to be nothing more than parroting "generally accepted opinion" and noting the success of the Dodger's younger players - the most successful of which (excepting Billingsley) were drafted deep - so deep that I don't see how you can account for their success other than saying it was luck.


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