Monday, March 05, 2007

Forbes Is Really, Really Lame

Nate Silver calls Forbes' GM rankings "bad science", but his response is way too forgiving. Forbes' franchise valuations are given an inordinate amount of credibility (check out John Beamer's current series at THT), and they thoroughly deserve to be ripped to shreds by a reputable org like BP for the amazingly stupid GM rankings. Nate's critique is definitely accurate, but not even a tenth of the very obvious problems with this quasi-study; it's getting ripped throughout the blogosphere, but I'll be very disappointed if BP doesn't extend its critique. I've certainly ragged on BP before, but they generally do a good job of being somewhat responsible in using their considerable influence in the industry to counter the most asinine mainstream arguments. Time to do the heavy lifting, in my opinion, or at least wait for Tango to do it on his blog and then link to it on Unfiltered.


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