Thursday, December 07, 2006

L-uis Gonzalez?

I realize that most of my posts tend to in some way refer to a mis-valuation or mis-use of a player on the basis of not understanding the concept of platooning, and I try not to repeat these criticisms too frequently.

But come on, Ned Colletti. Enough is enough.

Last season, the Dodgers' outfield for the bulk of the season was Drew, Lofton, Ethier. Three left-handed batters as the outfield starters is far from ideal roster construction, especially with Ledee often serving as one of the backups. I don't think I ever made a big deal about it, but it sure bugged me.

Now, the Dodgers apparently are about to sign Luis Gonzalez, and to a reasonable deal. However, their OF would then principally be Gonzalez-Pierre-Ethier, and they've already committed money to Marlon F. Anderson. With the possible but unlikely exception of Ethier, none of those are players whose production against southpaws cannot be bettered by a near-freely available RHB's. The Dodgers may have a pair in Repko and Werth, as is. But this roster will not be constructed in such a manner as to make that reality even relevant, and one suspects that if they do platoon one of those, it will be Ethier - the only one who stands to gain anything meaningful by *not* being platooned.

While it may have been unrealistic and/or foolhardy to expect Garciaparra to be shifted to the outfield, this pre-empts that possibility, save for a decision by LA that Ethier won't be a starter. So does that mean that Garciaparra will be pencilled in at third while Betemit serves as the main infield sub as he did in Atlanta? One can hope, certainly. Otherwise, Saenz' role is akin to irrelevance, and Loney probably gets dealt once Jamey Wright and Lance Niekro hit a hot streak.

Sorry, kids, just having a hard time giving Colletti the benefit of any doubts here. If I didn't know better, I'd expect that somehow Loney, Penny, and Betemit end up being dealt for Joe Crede and Rob Mackowiak. I kid, but seriously - is there any mildly plausible explanation for the rumored shopping of Brad Penny, whose salary is the same as R.F. Wolf's? The abyss stares back, but I don't recall having stared in the first place.


Contest time: Guess the 2008 Salaries
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Randy Wolf
Brett Tomko
Odalis Perez
Mark Hendrickson (arb eligible)
Aaron Sele

I think one of those is pretty easy. Guess which one, if you so please. Entries must be in the comments section by 10:38 a.m. PST on December 30th, 2006.


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